Character Interview with Julian from Her Game His Rules

Today it’s all about HER GAME, HIS RULES, a breathtaking upper YA romance, and the enchanting heroes of the story.

The book is brand new, just one week old, and some of you may have already adventured the sweet love evolving around teenager Jona and guardian angel Julian.

I’m happy to introduce Julian to you today, who agreed to join me so I could ask him a few questions. And ladies, if you thought him hot in the novel, you have no idea what a cupcake he is in reality… 😉 But let’s not waste time making the man flush with compliments when I know you all are burning to hear what he says.

B: Julian, you’re an angel. But you don’t look a day older than 20. As far as we know, angels go way back. So, how old are you really?
J: If I told you that, you’d probably keel over. My girlfriend did. Ha ha. But I’m a good few millennia old.

B: Okay, that’s quite a span of time. In all the time you’ve existed, have you ever dated a human?
J: Apart from Jona? Never. And she was well worth the wait. (Julian grins)

B: And now I know why Jona’s heart flutters every time he does. Fine, let’s move on. What do you like about human girls that you don’t find in angel girls?
J: I value their ability of being short-tempered and sarcastic at times, something you’d never find in an all-loving angel. It’s fun to sit back and watch Jona in action. Very entertaining.

B: Short-tempered and sarcastic. Not everyone’s favored trait in a partner, I would say. So tell us, do you have any pet peeves?
J: I don’t like liars. Nothing can ever be so bad as not to come out with it straight forward.

B: I see that, and I totally agree. So here I have a few questions from readers who asked me to get them answered in this interview. Ladies, here you go:

Hugs or kisses?
J:Jona gives amazing hugs, but I’d die to kiss her right now. With a little stop in time, I can enjoy her all the more. So definitely kisses.

B: If you could choose between being a human and an angel, how would you decide?
J: Oh no… (he laughs) You will have to read our story to find out.

B: What is the hardest thing about being in a relationship with a human?
J: Patience. Definitively, and nothing else. As an angel you have en mass of it. Humans mostly don’t. Jona—no way. Ever since she found out that life is too short to waste a single minute, she’s dragging me everywhere, making me try everything, taste whatever exotic food she’s holding in my face. Then again, the girl is just lovely when she’s on a roll.

B: Are you romantic?
J: Hmm, I like to believe I am. But not in a bring-her-flowers-and-candy way. I think a lot about what could make Jona happy and would be good for her soul. Our first real alone-time on the beach was well thought through. Although, I didn’t expect it would end in a kiss. A win-win situation. Ha ha.

B: Oh, this laughter is infectious. Is there anything Jona doesn’t like about you?
J: She never lets me wear ball caps. Don’t understand why. I look cool with a ball cap. Really.

B: Favorite quote?
J: Seriously? Without having a book of quotes with me? I see your readers are of the hard-nut kind. But I wouldn’t be an angel if I didn’t know my math, right? (He winks)

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!” by Thompson

B: Definitely something to live by and remember. Next one. If you could name a star, what name would it be?
J: If I said Jona, it would sound a little apparent, right? So I think I’d name it…Princess.

Okay, I think we came to the end of our questions. Thank you very much for coming. And here’s a final note to the readers: if you have any questions you want to ask Julian personally, please feel free to post them in a comment. I’m sure he will answer them for you.

If my chat with Julian intrigued you and you want to find out more about him and his lovely girl, please check out Piper Shelly’s website for more information on the romance.

The book is available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, the publishers website and many more online stores. Or maybe you want to check with your local book store and ask for the title.


Character Interview with Alex From “A Kiss for Emily”

As a new author, I am still surprised by how attached some readers become to mycharacters…like these people inside the pages are real. I take it as a total compliment, figuring I’ve created some pretty believable characters. They “love” Kat, Emily’s little sister…and appreciate the parents not being “dysfunctional or jerks.” But one repetitive comment I wasn’t expecting is the request from readers begging for more information about one character in particular: Alex Hibbs, the boy Emily left behind.

Alex is definitely a favorite underdog.  I think it’s hard for readers to watch a likeable kind of boy spiral downward into a bad situation – the reader’s are left with uncomfortable feelings and their hands tied so to speak, only to hope for a favorable remedy.  Please enjoy the following interview between me (JP) and my character, Alex!

JP: So Alex, why don’t you tell the readers a little about yourself.

Alex: I’m 5’11, weigh 155—

JP: I’m not sure that’s what our readers had in mind, Alex.

Alex: (laughs) I know, I’m just messing with you. Let’s see, something about me. I know, I love jokes. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in the water?

JP: Ah?

Alex: Bob! What do you call a man with arm and no legs lying in a pot hole?

JP: I give up.

Alex: Phil!

JP: You are funny! Do you tend to be a class clown in school?

Alex: Usually not. I mostly keep to myself. Can’t stand all the drama and gossip.

JP: I hear that. How do you “fill” your time away from school?

Alex: I work over at Mac’s Autobody after school, doing minor car repair. The owner taught me how to apply body putty and tape up a car area before he paints it. That’s where I got my Jeep…Mr. Winkle did some major repairs to it, and then the owner never came back for it. He sold it to me for real cheep.
JP: Cool. I’ve seen it. It’s pretty nice.

Alex: Yeah, but driving it through the garage didn’t do it any favors.

JP: Yeah, I’m not sure what you were thinking with that one.

Alex: (shakes his head)

JP: Would you like to talk about it?

Alex: It just really makes me mad, sad…all at the same time, ya know? He took the easy way out!

JP: You are referring to your dad?

Alex: I might as well just tell them the story. My family moved to Topeka when I was in middle school. We lived in Colorado but moved after my dad quit his job as an airline pilot. On one of our biking trips in the Rocky Mountains, he wiped out on some loose gravel, hit his head, and went blind in his left eye. The airlines wouldn’t let him fly after that.

JP: That’s really too bad. But he seemed to move-on with his life, didn’t he?

Alex: If you’d call managing a restaurant moving on. He wasn’t meant to have his feet planted on the ground.

JP: Where those his words?

Alex: Yeah. He didn’t keep his unhappiness a secret. But he wasn’t the only one. The whole family fell apart after we moved. My mom had an affair; Dad pretended not to know. Then about a year ago, my brother went to jail. (He laughs, but it doesn’t sound happy) My parents told me he went to stay with relatives. Like I’d never find out? But no one will tell why.

JP: This is some tough stuff, Alex.

Alex: Not as hard as the day I found my old man in the garage. There was nothing left of his fricking head. The coroner’s  report stated that he blew his face off first, and had to to reload a second shot. (Tears well in his eyes) Can you imagine? (Looks away) Do you think it hurt?

JP: (Reaches out to touch his arm.) I’m really sorry to hear all this. How are you doing? Do you need someone to talk to?

Alex: I don’t want to talk to anybody. What’s done is done.

JP: You still seem to be hurting a lot.

Alex: I’ve found something that takes my mind off stuff.

JP: A girl by chance?

Alex: I wish. But I have a plan for that too.

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