$10 Giveaway – Character Interview with Garfield from Wisteria

Three years after the Nero Plague turned 80% of the world’s people into flesh eating zombies, most humans barely understand what is happening around them. Our people are struggling to survive. Amongst this madness (and through the ages), a race known as the Family visit to watch the Earth die, out of a twisted pleasure.

Welcome! Today we’re interviewing Garfield from my new novel Wisteria. You can find out all about Wisteria on this blogfacebook or get it here.

What’s your name and how old are you?

I’m Garfield Simon and I’m sixteen.

Is your family from Smythe?

No, I used to live with my mum in Birmingham. I never knew my father, but since coming to Smythe it’s just been me.

On the Isle of Smythe who are you closest to?

Aside from Wisteria, I don’t have a lot of friends. It’s hard making friends with anyone on the island. Most of the kids keep to themselves because they’ve known each other for years.  I mean I know more about Bach.

Really, I thought Bach keeps to himself.

Yeah, he does.  I mean he won’t even tell us his real name, which goes to show how cold those other kids are.  

Is there anyone you wish you could be closer to? Amanda Weiss perhaps?

Amanda’s alright. She wants to get close to me, but I’m taking my time and weighing my options.

You’re blushing?

I’m not blushing. Woman, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Isn’t Amanda dating Wisteria’s brother David?

Like I said, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah right. Anyway how do you like living on the island?

It’s been an experience to say the least. I mean we’re safe, but they’re slave drivers. All the kids have to work like thirty hours a week, well only the kids whose parents aren’t on the leadership council.

What do you say that?

Because it’s true. Hailey and Steven barely do anything. No one hassles them about not earning their keep, but I was told, either work as a rat catcher or leave Smythe. Where was I going to go? Face the zombies?

That being said, I’m glad I’m not doing what Wisteria does. The girl has a death wish… but it makes sense. She’s hoping to one day get back to her home so she wants to learn to take care of herself against the infected.

You don’t plan to leave Smythe one day?

I don’t want to die. No, but Wisteria’s is desperate to meet up with her father back home. I’ve got no family to get back to.

I’ve got a question for you. Why didn’t you and Wisteria get together?

Hmm (he frowns), I never thought about that before. You know I’ve never seen her that way. I don’t know why. I care about her, but…

She’s not Amanda Weiss.

(Smiles) There’s no one in the world like Amanda Weiss.


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Wisteria Excerpts

 Excerpt One

 Thirteen months after the first official case of Nero Disease

“Wisteria, run!” Rebecca O’Leary screamed over the radio.

Wisteria Kuti whipped around and came face-to-face with the blood-red eyes of a hungry flesh-eating biter. The biter was a man, infected by Nero Disease, who had long lost his mind. He looked more animal than human and he wanted one thing—to feed on the flesh of uninfected people. The biter growled and staggered toward Wisteria.

She fled down the deserted road to the nearest house. The front door was locked. She kicked at the door, but it didn’t open. Taking out her handgun, she smashed through the window of the door.

“Ugh,” more biters growled behind her.

She spun around, fired once, and hit one in the head. She unlocked the door by reaching in and turning the lock. Once inside, she chained and bolted the door.

Crash—a biter smashed through another window into the house.

Wisteria’s heart jumped and she darted up the stairs as fast as she could.

“Get out of the house, Wisteria!” Rebecca radioed.

I’m trying.

A biter grabbed her ankle as she ran. Falling hard on the steps, she wailed in pain. “Ah.” No time to cry, Wisteria. She fired at the biter holding her. One bullet left.

Three more biters appeared below and started coming up the stairs. Leaping up, she sprinted to the top floor and dashed into the first open doorway that led to the master bedroom. Locking the door, she headed straight for the window.

The infected clawed at the door, tearing it apart and snarling as they entered


Excerpt Two

His head started to hurt as he forced himself to think. Whatever the darts contained made it hard for him to concentrate. As he lay back down, he thought back to the cohort, Felip and Enric. They had to be safe. Enric would ensure Felip survived. Bach was supposed to have secured them before leaving. If anything happened to them, it would be his fault—all his fault.

Banging his aching head against the pillow as he thought back, he fought to recall what made him abandon them when he could’ve easily saved them.

“How are you feeling?” Wisteria entered.

Her, the scavenging opportunist. He’d been distracted by her. He remembered now. Because he’d had to save her, a Terran, he couldn’t save the people who were important.

“Try and eat something?” she asked.

“No, I do not need anything expect for rest.”

“Bach, at least eat a little. You’re not going to feel any better starving to death.” Lighting a candle, she placed it next to him on the floor by the mattress.

“This place smells like a toilet,” he complained. “No, it smells worse. How did you come to bring me to such a place?”

“Bach, you picked this place. And we were lucky these people let us in during a swarm. The biters would’ve eventually picked up our scent.”

“Your scent, Wisteria, not mine. The infected are only attracted to the pungent stench of Terrans.”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“Let me break this down for you.” It was typical for Terrans to be so easily confused. “You should have just left me on the street instead of bringing me to this hole.” This wasn’t where the Sen-son was supposed to be. If the Family saw Bach here, he’d be thoroughly humiliated.

Excerpt Three

Wrapping her arms around herself, she moved away from him. Once again, humiliated and feeling foolish. “Goodnight, Bach!” She strode angrily to the side of the roof in order to climb down.

He grabbed her and held her back

The guy came here just to tease her, yet again! Didn’t he know he was hurting her? Didn’t he care? “I’m tired of all this nonsense. I’m actually tired and need some sleep. I’m done with this. All of this!” She should’ve left the roof when she saw him appear. “Let go, so I can go.”

“Wisteria, it is not that.” Exhaling heavily, he released her. “My people could kill you if they knew I wanted you.”

This wasn’t at all what she’d expected him to say. “What?”

“I am in love with you. I do not know why, but I am. And it is selfish, because I just want you for myself.” Sadness filled his eyes as he spoke.

“Why would they do that to me?”

“Because you are human and because we see humans as Terran, or dirt people.”

“And you believe that too? So why are you here, living among us, if we’re so disgusting?”

“You are not disgusting. You are beautiful.” Rubbing his temples, he seemed troubled and bewildered. “But I chose Earth, because I came here as a child. Your people treated me so badly in the past. When I learned about the Nero disease, I wanted to see your world die.” He paused. “You were right when you said there was something wrong with me.

Character Interview: Enric From Wisteria

Three years after the Nero Plague turned 80% of the world’s people into flesh eating zombies,  most humans barely

Never Trust the Family

understand what is happening around them. Our people are struggling to survive. Amongst this madness (and through the ages), a race known as the Others or the Family visit to watch the Earth die,  out of a twisted pleasure.

Welcome! Today I’m interviewing Enric, from the upcoming YA paranormal novel Wisteria by Bisi Leyton. You can find out more about Wisteria  on this blog or on facebook.

How old are you?

I am eighteen.

So that makes you a Junior or Senior in High School or finishing off your A-Levels?

School, no. We’re not like humans. We absorb a lot of knowledge very early in life. After ten years of education, we have learned more than twice as much as a human our age. My main concern is completing the Great Walk, so I will treated like a man when I return home.

When you found out you and your best friend, Bach, were coming to Earth for your rite of passage [the Great Walk] were you excited?

By Earth, you mean Terra?

Er… yeah, I guess so.

It is supposed to be an honor to go on the Great Walk with your best friend, but seriously, Terra! I was furious when I found out. I do not understand why Bach selected this realm.  Especially now. Not only is Terra infested with  humans, but also with flesh eating biters.

I know Bach regrets coming here, but he is too proud to admit it. And leaving the Great Walk early is a sign of great weakness.

What are flesh eating biters?

(Enric laughs) Zombies, you call them that right? Most of Terrans I meet are infected by the Nero Plague and now are flesh eaters. It is quite sad and I almost feel sorry for them.

You talk like you’re not human.

No, I am NOT human. I thought I had made that extremely clear?

You look, sound, smell and walk just like a teenage boy. What are you?

We do not have a name. We are simply called the Family, but some Terrans call us the Others. We are faster, stronger, physically more appealing, more intelligent and …

And more humble

(Enric scowls) I do not like your tone woman.

Tell me about your home realm. What is it called?

Why are you humans so concerned with names? My home is called home. It is land after the  Jade Ocean and it is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. I come a region of white mountains. The mountains are so amazing, just looking at them, can make a woman cry for days.

Speaking of women, do you have a girl back home?

Several (Enric laughs)

Would you ever consider dating a human girl?

Never, never, that is just sick and wrong. No honorable one of our people could ever sink as low as to consider … a human.

But Bach is your best friend, isn’t he seeing  Wisteria? She is human.

Wisteria is the biggest mistake, Bach ever made. She is dangerous. How the hell did you find out about her? Who the hell are you?… Tell me. Tell me!

Er.. thank you for stopping by. I wish you all the best with the Great Walk. SECURITY!


Wisteria will be out in August 2012.

$10 Giveaway – Character Interview with Amanda from Wisteria

Three years after the Nero Plague turned 80% of the world’s people into flesh eating zombies,  most humans barely understand what is happening around them. Our people are struggling to survive. Amongst this madness (and through the ages), a race known as the Family visit to watch the Earth die,  out of a twisted pleasure.

Hi, it’s my honor today to interview Amanda Weiss, from the upcoming YA paranormal novel Wisteria by Bisi Leyton. You can find out more about Wisteria  on this blog or on facebook.

I just want to say, I’m really glad you could find the time to talk to me.

Sure, no problem

How old are you?

I’m sixteen.

Where are you from?

My parents are from England, so yeah that makes me English (laughs). My dad travelled a lot for work when I was growing up, so I’ve lived in New York, McShane, Paris and even Africa.

What the most interesting place you’ve lived?

New York was the greatest. I mean have you seen fifth avenue?

The most interesting would have to be McShane City. Those people were really weird. They think they’re so cool, because they live on a mountain. But they’re just strange and I’m fairly sure they marry their cousins or something up there.

Er Yeah, how do you enjoy living on the Isle of Smythe?

I’d like to say I hate living here, but I’m alive right?

Everyone I grew up with is dead or a zombie and I’ve lived in worse places since the Nero madness broke out . I mean really bad places. Sure we don’t have running water or electricity here, but I’ve finally stopped sleeping with a weapon under my pillow.

Does your family like it here?

Er… my mother and younger brother died in a car crash a few years ago. My dad doesn’t really talk to me much about what he thinks.

I’m sorry about your mother.

Thanks. I’m just glad she wasn’t here to witness Nero. Can we talk about something else?

Of course, is there anyone special in your life?

Well (smiles) kind of

Kind of?

Yeah, he’s kind of got a girlfriend. His name’s David Kuti.

Oh Wisteria’s brother? Are you friends with Wisteria?

Well… I guess. She saved my life, so I owe her. You know I’d say we are friends when she’s not totally infatuated with Steven Hindle.

I don’t see why she’s so into that boy. He’s got a serious girlfriend, a seriously crazy one at that.

But aren’t you dating boy who’s got a girl too?

That’s different. David promised, he was going to break up with Poppy, so I’m just waiting until the time is right. Don’t look at me like that, don’t judge me. You don’t know my life and you don’t know what I’ve been through.

I am a good person and not the kind of girl who steals boyfriends. It just happened.

Right so tell me more about Steven Hindle, I thought Wisteria and Bach had a thing?

Bach, no he’s with Hailey. Or at least Hailey’s told everyone to steer clear. Besides there’s no way Wisteria could ever date a guy like Bach. Have you seen him? I mean seen him in real life, he’s hot. I love her, but she’s got a better chance landing Steven, if you ask me.

I have a final question. Do you think we’re going service the Nero virus?

Honestly, I can’t let myself think about that.

Wisteria will be out in August 2012.


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