3 Facebook Groups to Consider If You’re New to Indie Writing

I mentioned before that forums are important for learning from others who have gone before you about pretty much anything related to writing. I particularly enjoy Absolute Writers forum where I visit as a fly on the wall, but one place you do not hear a lot about is Facebook.

Facebook’s groups more than the forums have been my deliverance. I find them easy to navigate and great for getting answers for simple or complicated questions, provided you find the right groups. As with forums you take part in the conversation. The best think is FB prompts you when someone responds to your comments and posts.

A word of caution about FB groups: Not all groups are equal, and most are really a waste of time. There are three types of FB writers’ groups I’ve encountered more often than not.

  1. The graveyard: These groups are functionally dead. No one posts, not even the owner of the group. It may have a lot members, but not much is going on. I joined several of these because I loved what the group was about, but it ended up being a waste of my time
  2. The spam lot: As the name suggests, the groups is just a series of links to authors’ books, like a mini-amazon.com without the sort function. So I suppose you could post about your book here if you want, and someone might stumble across it. However if you’re looking for help and insight, you won’t get it here.
  3. The I’m-so-great group: This is similar to the spam lot, but instead writers post random comments, thoughts and articles. The writers here have no interest in engaging with anyone. I assume they’re trying to get their names out by showing us, the readers, why they’re so smart. Again, feel free to post if you have something to say, but don’t expect much.

But, Bisi, I thought this was a blog about why FB groups are great, you ask.

Well, actually, it’s a blog entry about three FB writers’ groups I think are pretty good and are wonderful communities for self-published and indie-published writers.

Book Junkies

If I had to describe this group, I’d say they mean business. They have more than 1000 members, which gives you a large pool of writers to talk to. Of course, not everyone is active, but this group is the most active writers’ group on FB; that, I know.

Conversations are great and challenging, and writers are honest. What I really like about it is people really respond, and the responses are quite well thought out. A few times I’ve been overwhelmed with answers to my questions and sometimes they ignore me. I also find there’s always some question I can comment on the page. Even if it’s to say, I don’t know.

Normally, I try to post my more serious questions and leave my idea of writing butterfly werewolves’ stories to the paranormal romance guild.

Paranormal Romance Guild

The fine women (and men) in this group are like my sisters. Even if you’re not a paranormal romance writer, it’s a great place to meet and hang out with writers who are serious about self-publishing or independent publishing. I learned about blog hops a week ago from a woman I chatted with in the group.

I go to the girls when I need insight on editors, book designs, the layout of my FB page and blog. They’re a friendly bunch, and most of the time I do get answers to questions, even if it’s just an “I don’t know”.

The group has fewer than 200 members, so you start seeing the same people around and that helps when you need to ask someone a quick question. This is romance site, so no under 18s.

Historical Romance Fiction

Again, not really gonna be much help if you don’t write historical romance, but if you are new to writing, there are lots of people here dying to give advice. You also get to encounter a lot of readers too.

The level of conversation is not as high as the first two groups, but it’s miles ahead of most FB writers’ groups I’ve joined. I call this group and the other two writer resource groups the best because by just taking part you’re equipping yourself.

Please check them out for a week and let me know what you think.

If you’ve heard of any more great FB writers’ groups please, give me a shout, I’ll add them to the blog.


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